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Thursday, February 23, 2006
if u guys r interested in reading n e blogs from me...i have to say i m no longer writing blogs for this account since ALL my friends are at myspace i just write there...however if u still wanna read recent events in my life then just go to my site at www.myspace.com/crazyblue05 ok? i also have a pic there and its lot better.

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why me?
Thursday, January 5, 2006
why is it that every time i try to to find someone it just comes back and bites me in the ass? i believe that everything happens for a reason, but wots the reason in not letting me find someone? and wots the point of meetin a person i reallly like and liked me and yet so far nothing has happened, wots the point liking someone if the person ( not the one mentioned b4) u like isnt in n e into u? why must i devote my time to try and find someone when everywhere i look i get turned down and no even seems to notice? every where i look i get turned down and i start thinking may b i m looking in the wrong place at the wrong time or may b i m not suppose to have someone yet or ever...... i dont see a reason as to why i cant have someone , i dont ask for much and i devote all my time and effort into helping all my friends in need and finally i bring my hopes up and it is all jut to get crushed. does this seem right to u guys? how come i try be everywhere at once and help my friends and yet they dont notice that i m hurt? yes i know u guys have issues aswell to worry about i also got issues lots of them and i still try to b there and notice change in u guys.....everything just seems to b falling apart!!! and all i want is someone and i cant have that either, outside i might seem happy and preppy but i assure u guys that i m just dying inside and it sucks..... and i m sorry if u guys feel that i havent notice wot u guys go through but please know that i do care and am there for u guys.

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Tuesday, November 22, 2005
wow.... I dont know about you guys, but I got 5 days of boredom coming up....lol no one wants to do any thing.....I want to go out and chill with some friend sometime this break but everyone from our group is either busy or cant go.....that sucks! hit me up if u guys want to do something this thanksgiving break weekend.

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coming out....
Thursday, November 10, 2005
so yeah, some of u guys know that i came out last night to my parents.... the good news she will support me no matter what my decision is... the bad news is that she apparently doesnt want me to be "involved" in that world untill i am 18 or 19, so i can be sure of what i want ((i m sure already) how the heck am i suppose to be sure if i dont do n e thing?? lol) and she thinks i m confused and wants us to go to a phsychistrist.....but the funny part was that she said that a part of her was expecting the coming out conversation lol...thats messed, even for my standards...lol oh well atleast i got her support.

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lyrics i m working on....
Tuesday, October 18, 2005
I lie unconscious on the floor Cause no one hears my whispers anymore tormenting and bleeding inside yet when I need you, you always hide and when you realize I am in need Its too late.... I am already dead inside So tell me, will get to see you mourning when I am gone? But if you just tell me, please tell me, that you heard me crying Thats all I need, and I will keep surviving..... (Thats all i got so far.......any suggestions as to what you guys might want me to add lyrically? and please tell me what you think of it so far.)

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to clear things up....
Thursday, October 6, 2005
to make things clearly i m moving but withing the same complex and i will still be in the school...

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